The Intersection of Timeless Investment Principles and Cutting-Edge Data Science.

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Who We Are

Building on decades of investment industry experience and having overseen the management of more than $100B of assets, Viewpoint Investment Partners (VIP) is a boutique investment management firm offering systematic strategies to private and institutional investors. We are guided by our values of alignment, humility, curiosity, and evidence-based practice, and strongly believe that we have created a unique long-term stewardship platform that addresses critical issues attributable to the industry.

"If we do things like everybody else, we'll end up like everybody else."  - Mac Van Wielingen

Our Investment Approach

Quant Multi-Asset

VIP uses a quantitative, multi-asset framework to build portfolios with specific risk and return objectives. We believe that the vast majority of information in financial markets is noise, meaning that it doesn't hold any statistical significance.

Our models harness the power of data and technology to find statistically significant data relationships.


We scour our opportunity set of 30+ major global asset classes to find and harness data relationships, actively avoiding home market bias. 

Evidence-Based, Not Forecasting

Our strategies are entirely rules-based and are developed by our in-house research department using analytical and machine learning models. Our strategies lie at the intersection of timeless investment principles and cutting edge data science. 

Low-Cost, Liquid Alternatives

We combine the low fees and high liquidity of systematic investing with the benefits of active asset allocation, risk parity frameworks, and dynamic leverage. 

Our Team

Amin Haji, CFA
Senior Vice-President, Investment Research

Andrew Sullivan
Software Engineer

Ben Reeves
Senior Vice-President, Data Science & Engineering

DJ French
Senior Vice-President

Karen MacDonald, CPA, CA, FEA

Kari Lancaster
Manager, Investor Relations & Administration

Keith McLean, MBA, CFA
Executive Vice-President

Mac Van Wielingen

Dakota Kunz
Business Development Manager

Paula Sexsmith, DMS
Manager, Investment Operations

Rob Van Wielingen, CFA
President & CEO

Mark Dodd
Data Scientist

Saad Tiamoor
Full-Stack Software Engineer

Pamela MacDonald
Business Development Manager

Scott Smith, CFA
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer

Pamela Keefe
Senior Executive Assistant

Steve Large, PhD
Data Scientist

Fedor Mashoshin
Front End Developer

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