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Markets will always reward diversification. Using data science to augment human decision-making, we engineer innovative investment strategies that harness the power of diversification to increase portfolio returns and reduce the impact of market downturns.


Rules-based, without following the rules

We are a next-generation investment management firm built for, and by, a single-family office. We offer demonstrably different alternative investment strategies that have low correlation to traditional methods without sacrificing liquidity or charging high fees. At the intersection of timeless investment principles and cutting-edge data science, is Viewpoint.

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Because risk is a
4-letter word

Our outcome-focused investment strategies are based on allocating risk, not dollars. We build diversified portfolios and apply prudent, liquid leverage to them to enhance their risk-return profile. We believe this is a superior method of increasing returns without increasing concentration risk.

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We are a research-led organization

Our research and dialogue is meant to engage and advance discussions where advanced data science and markets meet.

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Solutions that meet your objectives in any market environment

Combining investments across equities, fixed income, commodities, and FX, our strategies are designed to adapt to changing market conditions with enhanced risk-adjusted return potential. In simpler terms, we mix investments together to reduce risk and then adjust their size to match the risk level of portfolios that have fewer investments, resulting in higher overall returns.

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Core investment strategies

Viewpoint Global Multi-Asset

Prudently applies liquid, actively managed leverage to globally diversified, multi-asset portfolio. Uses trend and momentum overlays to protect against capital drawdowns.

Viewpoint Enhanced Global Multi-Asset

Prudently applies liquid, actively managed leverage to a globally diversified, multi-asset portfolio with a returns focus.

Viewpoint Diversified Commodities

Creates a scientifically diversified portfolio of direct commodities to target a more stable return profile than comparable strategies.

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Meet our Chairman,
Mac Van Wielingen.
40 years in the industry as an entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and leader.

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A team that’s
on point

Viewpointers are a cohesive and multidisciplinary team defined by a culture of academic rigor and intellectual honesty. We bring together backgrounds in portfolio management, quantitative finance, datalogy, mathematics, medicine, physics, and other relevant disciplines to find better solutions for our clients.

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If we do things like everybody else, we’ll
end up like everybody else.

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We are obsessive about data and passionate about making bias-free decisions.

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We have a differentiated and innovative approach to portfolio construction.

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We are thought leaders who are committed to the continuous improvement of our process and methods. We build portfolios that are demonstrably different.

- Amin Haji

Senior VP, Portfolio Manager

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