The mindset and skills involved in entrepreneurial wealth creation are different from those involved in capital preservation.

-Mac Van Wielingen

Mac Van Wielingen

Mac is Chairman and co-founded Viewpoint Investment Partners with his son, Rob. Mac is also Chairman of Viewpoint Group, the family office he established in 1998, and President of Viewpoint Foundation in support of the Van Wielingens’ philanthropic initiatives.

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Experienced stewardship

Mac’s knowledge and primary experience are the product of over 40 years in the investment and energy sectors.

He is a founder, director, and partner of ARC Financial Corporation, the largest private equity investment management company in Canada, with approximately $6 billion in assets under management. Additionally, Mac was one of the founding directors and subsequently the Chair of the Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo), a public entity managing over $100 billion of public capital in Alberta. Fiduciary responsibility and an unfailing commitment to the stewardship of capital for the benefit of clients are in Mac’s DNA.

Thought leadership and positive action

An honours graduate of the Ivey School of Business in finance and post-graduate studies in economics at Harvard University, Mac’s lifelong passion for learning and sharing keeps him actively involved in speaking engagements, writing pursuits, and community events, with the goal of advancing dialogue and catalyzing positive change among directors and business leaders.

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