Our Team


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Photo of Rob Van Wielingen.

Rob Van Wielingen

President & CEO, Portfolio Manager
Photo of Mac Van Wielingen.

Mac Van Wielingen

Photo of Scott Smith.

Scott Smith

Chief Investment Officer & Portfolio Manager
Photo of Karen Macdonald.

Karen Macdonald

Photo of Amin Haji.

Amin Haji

Senior Vice-President, Investment Research, & Portfolio Manager
Photo of Ben Reeves.

Ben Reeves

Senior Vice-President, Data Science & Engineering
Photo of Keith McLean.

Keith McLean

Executive Vice-President & Portfolio Manager
Photo of Alida Holt.

Alida Holt

Photo of Paula Sexsmith.

Paula Sexsmith

Chief Compliance Officer
Photo of Kari Lancaster.

Kari Lancaster

Manager, Client Service & Administration
Photo of Steve Large.

Steve Large

Data Scientist
Photo of Malory Church.

Malory Church

Accounting Manager
Photo of Shereen Coward.

Shereen Coward

Senior Executive Assistant to Mac Van Wielingen
Photo of Mark Dodd.

Mark Dodd

Data Scientist
Photo of Sandi Hines.

Sandi Hines

Administrative Assistant
Photo of Aleksandra Kulczynska.

Aleksandra Kulczynska

Financial Accountant
Photo of Dakota Kunz.

Dakota Kunz

Manager, Business Development
Photo of Inez Kwok.

Inez Kwok

Financial Administrator
Photo of Francois Ladet

Francois Ladet

Photo of Pamela MacDonald.

Pamela MacDonald

Manager, Business Development
Photo of Fedor Mashoshin.

Fedor Mashoshin

Front-End Developer
Photo of Jessica Ratushniak.

Jessica Ratushniak

Research Assistant
Photo of Mark Dodd.

Pamela Roberts

Senior Executive Assistant
Photo of Andrew sullivan.

Andrew Sullivan

Software Engineer
Photo of Saad Taimoor.

Saad Taimoor

Full-Stack Software Engineer