Ben Reeves, CMT

April 27, 2023

Ben Reeves leads the integration of software engineering, data science, and technology to drive innovation and efficiency across Viewpoint’s business units. Since joining Viewpoint in 2017 as the technical lead, Ben and his team have grown Viewpoint into a cloud-native, fully integrated quantitative investing powerhouse. Ben previously honed his quantitative and cloud engineering practice in the energy-tech sector working with big data in volumetric measurement systems while optimizing mission-critical SCADA systems. He brought his specialization in merging modern software practices with advancements in AI technologies to Viewpoint with the goal of making institutional grade portfolio management scalable and widely available.

As a founding director of the YYC Data Society, Calgary’s premier hub for data and AI professionals, Ben is dedicated to nurturing the city’s technology ecosystem and promoting a dynamic economy. He is a rising thought leader in Calgary’s technology sector and can be found at local events sharing his technical expertise with the ecosystem.