Who We Are

We are a boutique investment management firm offering unique liquid alternative strategies to private and institutional investors, guided by our values of alignment, humility, curiosity and evidence-based practice. 

"If we do things like everybody else, we'll end up like everybody else." - Mac Van Wielingen​​

Building on decades of investment industry experience and having overseen more than $100B of assets, our team uses a stewardship approach to manage capital, for the long-term.


How We Differ

Lack of alignment

The classic agency problem is rampant in the industry, which creates conflicts of interest between investors and managers which often leads to under-performance over time. 


The founding family of the firm has committed significant long term capital alongside investors.

High Costs

The average management expense ratio is between 70 and 107 basis points (bps) in Canada, and often higher, which is a significant contributor to poor performance over time.

Low Cost

All investors pay the same, low flat fee, including the founding family. 

Short Termism

The industry is hyper focused on the short term, in their own organizations and in their investment strategies. This leads to poor performance in the long term. 


Our strategy is unconventional and adaptive. The strategies are based on the fundamentals of modern portfolio theory but addresses what we see as important shortcomings. 

Biased Decision-making

Investors and managers alike suffer from biases when making decisions, which can impact performance. 

Systematic Multi-asset

Our firm employs unique models that are entirely rules-based, and invest across a global opportunity set of 29 asset classes. 

Home Country Bias

Global investing provides many benefits, yet investors continue to invest heavily in their home country. This often leads to over-concentration and poor performance. 

Global Diversification

Our strategy is global and diversified, eliminating unsystematic risk and investing directly in global markets without borders.


Investment firm culture changes significantly with success, inevitably leading to deterioration in performance. 

Liquid Alternative

Being a boutique firm, our team operates with an entrepreneurial mindset. Our strategies all offer weekly liquidity, with no locks up or gates.

Our Rules-based Portfolio Process

Establish and Review Global Beta

Apply Proprietary Factors of Value, Trend, and Momentum

Ongoing Research, Monitoring and Measurement

Target Allocation Budget


Flagship Strategy

Viewpoint Global Fund

The Fund invests across liquid stock, corporate bond, and government bond markets globally. It uses a systematic process to move capital between global asset classes based on valuations, momentum, and trend.

We utilize a combination of global Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and direct holdings to get market exposures. The fund’s model runs in Canada, the US, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and emerging markets and the opportunity set represents 99% of global listed assets. The fund has relationships globally and executes directly on foreign exchanges.

The allocation within the fund is anchored by a very high quality portfolio (Global Beta), but often changes significantly according to the changing conditions in the market. The strategy is entirely quantitative and is based on proprietary in-house models that utilize the latest bleeding edge statistical and data science techniques.

The fund is a trust that is offered under OM to accredited investors in Canada and the United States. The firm also offers custom models in separately managed accounts.

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