Dominique Boutet

October 23, 2023

Dominique serves as Viewpoint’s Office Administrator, assisting with a diverse range of administrative tasks essential for maintaining operational efficiency. Her responsibilities extend to providing support to the Chairman’s Executive Assistant and collaborating with the Accounting Department, while also offering reception coverage as the need arises. Dominique is always ready to apply her expertise wherever the office requires assistance.

With six years of administration experience, Dominique’s background includes positions in the legal and agriculture industries. Her areas of expertise include project management, ensuring the strict adherence to deadlines, and upholding the highest standards of our organization. She also holds a Project Management certificate from the University of Calgary.

During her free time, Dominique finds solace at her tranquil acreage outside the city, where she enjoys quality moments with her significant other and her four animals. Her connections with family and friends remain at the core of her leisure activities. This transition from her urban upbringing in Calgary to the serene countryside has allowed her to explore the outdoor world, including pursuits such as gardening and fishing.