Going the Distance: How to Conquer the Challenges Imposed by Liquidity Requirements


In the third installment of our deep dive on volatility, Amin Haji, Manager of Investment Research and Analytics, discusses how portfolio constraints can affect your ability to take risk, focusing on time horizon and liquidity constraints. Using succinct examples, Amin explores whether or not liquidity needs have an effect on how impactful volatility is to your long-term wealth, and how simply having a longer time horizon may not in fact lower your ability to take risk, as conventional investing wisdom would have you believe.

The Benefits of Preparing for the Unknown

While many investors may define success for their investment portfolio from a return-centric perspective, arguably the more important factor to focus on is risk mitigation. Once you’ve defined a way to quantify the utility function inherent in a risk-centric framework, then return expectations can follow. Otherwise, the strategy is at risk of being abandoned when…