O Canada! Why We Diversify

The COVID-19 global pandemic is a historic event that has galvanized intergenerational cohorts in the fight against a common enemy. I will not attempt to wax-poetic about the implications this will have on our way of life for when we inevitability get through to the other side of this epidemic, as there are much more qualified experts that can offer better educated opinions on the matter then I can. What I will attempt to do is explore a way to reframe the implications of this health crisis for investors that are dealing with both emotional and financial stress as a result of the pandemic.

How to Overcome Home Country Bias in Investing

Home country bias is when an investor has more of their portfolio allocated to financial securities domiciled in the country in which they reside than what global market value proportions would dictate. While home country bias is pervasive across the globe, Canadian investors are typically more prone to this phenomenon. Studies suggest anywhere between 50-60%…