Senior Software Engineer

Posted: June 25, 2021

Does the thought of watching code you wrote trade millions of dollars across global financial markets fill you with nervous excitement? Are you envisioning the interactive dashboards you would build to monitor strategy performance? Have you looked at the high fees and mediocre returns in your mutual fund holdings and thought, “I could do better for people?”

If so, we want to add your talent and passion to ours. Our in-house software team is responsible for developing the automated systems that enable us to build, deploy, and monitor quantitative investment strategies across global markets, and we’re growing!


  • End-to-end systems to ingest, process, and visualize financial data and market insights in a cloud native web environment
  • Mission critical services to automate the trading of diverse baskets of financial assets and derivatives in Canada, US, Japan, Europe, etc.
  • The ongoing design and construction of our framework to build and execute composable, distributed quantitative investment strategies
  • MLOps projects alongside our data science team to deploy and monitor our quantitative models
  • Our platform to communicate our research via interactive, data driven whitepapers


We are a boutique investment management firm located in Calgary, Alberta. We believe we have a sacred oath to act as stewards of our clients’ capital, whether they are a private client, an institution, or our own mothers. We uphold that oath through first principles quantitative research, melding economic theory and sound statistical reasoning with the latest advancements in software engineering.

We are employee and family owned and operated, and we eat our own cooking. We manage $350M of assets, and our biggest clients are also our own founding partners: Viewpoint Group, a single-family office based in Calgary.


  • Take a leading role in the architecture and technical design of new products, as well as enhancements to existing services
  • Lead by example, developing clean patterns in core code across our C# and python stacks
  • Research, evaluate, and provide recommendations to new libraries, frameworks, and infrastructure 
  • Commit time to mentoring junior and intermediate devs and engage in peer mentorship with other seniors
  • Ensure your own ongoing professional development, engaging in activities such as training, contributing talks to the community, and writing technical content
  • Participate in code reviews and ensure the team remains committed to unit testing, clean code, and maintainability


  • Five years of professional development experience with notable experience in back-end systems
  • Demonstrated experience taking a leading role in the design and release of web-based software products
  • Advanced skills in at least two of: C#, python, and javascript/typescript
  • Working knowledge of DevOps best practices, containerization, and CI/CD pipelines
  • Ability to design and deploy cloud native architectures in Azure, AWS, or GCP
  • Undergraduate degree in computer science, software engineering, or related discipline
  • Strong interest in portfolio management and finance

The following would be considered assets:

  • Previous experience in algorithmic optimization and portfolio management
  • CFA Charterholder, or enrolled in CFA program
  • Completion of Canadian Securities Course, or other CSI courses

We recognize that everyone’s background is different. These are recommendations, so if you’ve got what it takes, don’t let one or two missing points dissuade you from applying.


  • We believe in a culture of empowerment; you will have direction and autonomy in your work and a consistent feedback cycle of support
  • We invest for the long term, in markets and in our people; you won’t be a commodity, and in exchange we ask for conscientiousness in your work
  • We believe great problem solving takes time and multiple iterations
  • We are self-starters who share a high level of trust with each other; we don’t micromanage, and we encourage contribution and alternate perspectives from all teammates
  • Our passion for financial markets is rivalled only by our passion for working with incredible people
  • We require a high level of ethical standards from ourselves and our partners


  1. 1
    Basic coding proficiency check (20-30 minutes, waived on referrals)
  2. 2
    First round interview: experience and role fit (60 minutes)
  3. 3
    Take home design project (3-4 hours)
  4. 4
    Technical Interview (75 minutes)
  5. 5
    Final Interview with CEO/COO (30 minutes)


  •  Compensation package will reflect candidate’s experience and skillset

Please submit your resume with a brief cover letter to Ben Reeves via email at