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Invested in Community: CMHF

September 27, 2022

Guest Author: TC Carling, President, Canadian Men’s Health Foundation

The Canadian Men’s Health Foundation (CMHF) is a national, registered charity providing information, tools, and motivation for men and their families to live healthier. Canadian men are dying at an alarming rate from chronic illness and leaving their loved ones behind. Yet, 70 percent of men’s health problems are preventable by making small lifestyle changes.

This work is important to families across Canada because nearly three quarters of Canadian men are unhealthy. How can you tell? Look at the numbers: 62 percent eat an unbalanced diet, 54 percent sleep too much or too little, 49 percent fail to get 150 minutes of moderate-to-strenuous exercise per week, and 36 percent drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol.

Thanks to generous supporters, such as the Viewpoint Foundation, CMHF is at the forefront of inspiring men to live healthier lives. Driving awareness based on research and evidence, we get men to take a positive step for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Since 2014, we have found effective ways to communicate with men and help them make small changes that can have a big impact. With tools, such as our signature services Don’t Change MuchMen’s Health Check, MindFit Toolkit, and the new Don’t Change Much Podcast, we provide easy-to-use, practical, and science-based resources to help men take hold of their physical and mental health. We believe with quality advice, accessible tools, and motivation, every man can make changes to be healthier.

By bringing the same attention to the brain and mind as we give to the body, we plan to help men add years to their life, to their family, and to their community. In 2022, CMHF launched the new MindFit Toolkit to help families struggling with stress and anxiety caused by the pandemic. It is a free, online resource with sound advice and tools to help men and their families manage mild to moderate stress and anxiety.

The MindFit Toolkit is a collection of online resources and services created with the help of psychologists and elite athletes. It’s been designed to help men cope with stress and anxiety and build mental wellness. Features of the MindFit Toolkit include audio exercises guided by CMHF Champions Jim Hughson, Trevor Linden, Shea Emry, and Simon Whitfield. It also includes Soundscapes, a seven-day mental fitness routine, an anxiety screening tool, one-on-one video counselling opportunities, and other health and wellness tips for men and families.

CMHF’s digital programs have always been free and tailored for men who prefer the flexibility, convenience, and privacy of online male-centric health information. Our platforms are especially useful as socially-distanced Canadians consumed more information virtually.

As a national, registered charity, we rely on the generosity and support of donors. By supporting CMHF, you empower men and families to live well in the future by taking health seriously today. Healthy men make healthy families and healthy communities. The generous support expands, elevates, and enhances our innovative programs and easy-to-use tools. The support makes our digital health resources more accessible and available across Canada. The positive outcomes include:

  • Fostering conversation about mental wellness, providing ways for men and families to cope and build resilience;
  • Providing medically sound information, encouraging men to make a healthy change; and,
  • Better families and communities because when men are healthy, the effects are far-reaching.

To learn more about the Canadian Men’s Health Foundation and our impactful programs, please visit and


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